Sunday, February 1, 2015

What Is Your Favorite Superbowl Commercial?

What is Your Favorite Superbowl Commercial?

In 1984 Apple Computer Introduced the Macintosh Computer with one of the most iconic Superbowl Commercials of all time. The Legendary Superbowl commercial which was based on George Orwell's novel, 1984, and directed by Ridley Posted Below. What is the best or most memorable Superbowl commercial you have ever seen?

Hope you enjoy the Superbowl this year. I am just gonna watch for the commercials. Make sure you chime in and let me know what you favorite Superbowl commercial ever is. Leave your favorite in the comments.

What Is Your Favorite Superbowl Commercial?

Thursday, January 22, 2015

CryptoLocker Virus Prevention

CryptoLocker Virus Prevention & Protection Ideas

CryptoLockerIf you have yet to deal with a variant of the CryptoLocker virus, consider yourself blessed. This nasty little program has been infecting systems, encrypting files and making black-hat hackers millions of dollars in the last few years. Their methods, their virus program, and their distribution network has evolved and gotten better and better. Even now in 2015, this ransomware virus is a real threat to both home users and businesses.

This virus often comes disguised as an attachment, such as a bill of lading from FedEx, UPS, or other shipping carriers.  If you are in charge of computer security or support, Do NOT assume that your users know better than to open attachments from unknown senders.  Make sure your email spam filters are set properly and make sure your antivirus can scan attachments.

Backing up individual files away from the network, having cloud backup of individual files, and full system backups are a definitely a good idea. I will write later about backup options, and what’s best for you.

The newest method of CryptoLocker Virus Prevention is a little program called CryptoPrevent by Foolish IT. This ubuntufree program helps to prevent execution of any programs from all the common areas where the cryptolocker  virus and its variants run from.

One other option, that you will hear me mention in several post, answers, or bits of advice, is the use of at least one Linux based computer in your network. Most all malware is designed to run on the windows platform. Therefore, having one Linux Based Computer running the Ubuntu Operating System can help prevent quite a few headaches.

I don’t like to bore anyone with extremely long articles. However, If there is something about this virus, system protection, backup methods, or something else I have not mentioned here the ask your question in my Information Technology Forum. The questions you ask may not only help you, but it could help other people who have the same questions.

Happy & Safe Geeking Ya’ll

CryptoLocker Virus Prevention

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Computer Questions Got You Stumped?

Computer Questions Got You Stumped?

Computer QuestionsComputer Questions, or IT questions can vary from extremely simple to extremely difficult. Sometimes its hard to find an answer. Then again, some of the time an easy answer can be found with a few minutes on Google. Some questions however, aren’t that simple, and you can spend a lot of time researching without finding the right solution.

This is where the world of Forums come in to play. Most any problem that has been dealt with by computer users have been addressed by someone posting a question in a forum related to their issue.

That is why I created an Information Technology Forum: The One Geek Collective. It’s a simple question and answer forum where anyone can ask computer questions, networking questions, or whatever IT questions they need answers to. Anyone can post questions without having to log in or register.

If you want to post answers go ahead. Posting answers requires users to sign in by social media or by registering as a user on this website. Welcome to the One Geek Collective, where you can find quick responses and solid solutions to all of your computer questions.

Computer Questions Got You Stumped?

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Speed Up Your Windows Computer With MSCONFIG


Speed Up Your Windows Computer With MSCONFIG

Speed Up Your Windows PCI am always surprised at how many people either do no know about, or do not use the Microsoft’s System Configuration Utility or MSCONFIG. This tool the first thing I open and use when I am troubleshooting a computer with speed issues. What MSCONFIG does for the user is control what programs and services start with windows and continue to constantly run in the background.

This is important because there are many programs that you don’t need running at start up or constantly running in the background. For instance, Quicktime (which is the integrated program most people need to install in order to view apple trailers and other movies on the Internet), adds its own startup entry whenever it is installed or updated. You do not need this running all the time and especially at Windows start-up. Therefore we need to stop this from happening. Here are the steps to using MSCONFIG to tame these items and speed up your machine.

Type MSCONFIG in the windows search box and then either press enter on your keyboard or double-click on the MSCONFIG program that appears in the  results.

Windows Search Box





The Microsoft’s System Configuration Utility will open. You need to click on the “Startup” tab, when it does.

Startup Tab







You simply uncheck the items you do NOT want to start automatically (The name and manufacturer will give you a better idea of whether you need the program or not). Once you uncheck everything click apply and either click restart or exit without restart and you are done.

Uncheck Items


Speed Up Your Windows Computer With MSCONFIG

Monday, January 12, 2015

How to Lower Computer Repair Costs

How to Lower Computer Repair Costs

Computer Repair Costs can often hit your pocketbook when you are the least prepared for it. In fact, it is often that most any Save Moneyrepair costs will hit you at the worst time possible. There are ways that you can control, or at least be prepared for the cost of computer repairs when problems arise. Here are a few tips to save you money.

  • Call a tech and address the problem as soon as possible: This little bit of advice and the second little bit of advice are inter-related. The sooner you call a computer technician to get your system fixed, the smaller the chance of the problem getting worse.

  • Shut down computers hit with malware at the first sign of infection: As stated above, the less time a problem has to affect other aspects of your machine, the fewer the problems that will have to be fixed. This is especially true with spyware and viruses. Malware is designed to dig itself into your system and corrupt or change as many things as possible. It is designed this way to do the most damage and become hard to remove. Therefore, the longer you leave your system on after you know it is infected, the more time you give the malware to set up shop.

  • Write down as many error codes or messages as the problem or your system will allow: The more information your computer tech has about the problem, the more accurately he or she can estimate the costs of repairs.

  • Know and give your computer specs: You can look just about anywhere on the internet or most often right click on My Computer (In Windows), and select properties and you will see all the specs you need to give your PC technician (such as processor speed, available memory, operating system information etc.). There are methods to get the same information from Linux or OSX as well. The bottom line is that the more information you give, the easier it is for your computer tech to help you.

Time is MoneyThe bottom line is that time is money. The more time you allow a problem to grow, the worse the problem can become. As problems worsen, the time required to fix those problems can grow as well. Just as problems that are allowed to get worse can cause your technician to need more time to fix the issue, giving as much information as possible can save your technician time.


Most computer repair technicians like to be prepared. However, it is difficult sometimes, to know what to be prepared for when we go out on a service call. If we know your machine specifications, and as much information about the problem as possible, then we can research before we even give an estimate and be able to save our time and your cost. In short, the phrase “Time is Money,” is a good phrase to remember when dealing with computer repair costs.

How to Lower Computer Repair Costs